First Week of Lent

Dear Parishioners, 

Temptation.  It is a strong pull we often experience towards something that may not be good for us, or towards something we are trying hard to avoid or overcome.  It is not easy to resist temptation, but it is possible. We see in the gospel this weekend that even Jesus was tempted.  Our temptations may be the kind that inch us towards destructive behavior or away from faith.  It may lead us to want to give up trying on so many levels.  It is difficult to avoid temptation but it is certainly within our means to resist and even conquer our temptations. The grace of the Holy Spirit is with us as well.  We have a great depth of resources to call upon and implement when temptation comes our way.  We know that choosing the good will strengthen us.  We know that giving in to the things that can hurt us or distract us can be frustrating and confusing.  Lent presents us with the possibility to change. It invites us to go deeper into our own personal spiritual journey with God and to let God embrace us with his powerful love. We all need that love and we need to sense it every day in our lives.  Living in that love helps us to find the strength and power we need to avoid life’s “little” temptations and the larger, more detrimental ones too.  We journey towards Easter together, empowered by the Holy Spirit!  P.S. Sometimes we are tempted to do something good; something generous; something caring. Try not to resist those temptations!

Fr. Elston