Second Week of Lent

Dear Parishioners, 

When was the last time you were amazed?  When do we allow ourselves to truly experience being amazed?  We can often be stunned or amazed by “bad news”.  We can often see horrors and inhumane treatment that puts us in the category of being amazed.  But how often are we amazed by something spectacular, other worldly, magical, beautiful, breathtaking?  Peter, John, and James are witnesses to the truly amazing experience of the transfiguration.  This experience, we can imagine changed their lives.  It brought about not only amazement and a desire to stay in the midst of the experience but also fear; fear of the unknown. When they entered the cloud, in fear, they heard the voice of God.  The life we enter into with God, in communion with God, our daily lives, can offer us amazement.  It doesn’t have to be only about the sad and challenging realities of our world, but it can be about the good that is at work in the world as well.  So much good happens all around us every day.  It can easily be lost in the midst of what causes fear.  The birth of a child, falling in love, a special day, a warm, sunny day, noticing the stars, all can be an invitation to amazement!  We must allow ourselves to be open to how God offers amazing opportunities.  So, as part of your lenten experience, look around, look up, look into the hearts of those you encounter and let yourselves be amazed!

Fr. Elston