Third Week of Lent

Dear Parishioners, 

   Actions have consequences.  Some actions are accidents.  Some would say there are no such things as accidents, that everything happens for a reason.  But, in fact, some things just happen.  There may be a reason, but in many cases, it is unlikely that that reason can be tied to God, as many of the ancients tended to do.  They attributed natural disasters to the actions or behaviors of people.  In other words, bad things happened to bad people while good people enjoyed the blessings and kindness of God. Jesus does not see it that way.  He does not see this as divine retribution for some hidden or past sin.  Instead, Jesus tells people that the same misfortune may happen to them unless they repent.  The consequences of sin are real, and what is needed is repentance.  The smug and self-righteous are reminded that the time to repent is now!  Don’t allow our spiritual blindness to make us unable to see our own faults, shortcomings, and need for repentance.  Paul warns in the second reading this weekend that we should not be overconfident.  We tend to be this way when things are going well.  We forget the need for God.  We forget that it is God himself who enables us to see what we must do in order to prosper in life and in spirit. In order to see what needs to be improved, be it our attitudes or our actions, or lack of action, Lent provides the backdrop for us to truly look and see how we can repent and live!  Today’s psalm reminds us that we have a God who forgives our iniquities. He has removed our sins.  He has witnessed our afflictions and heard our cries.  He fills in those areas with his grace and unfathomable love.  Now, there is an action we can live with!