Fifth week of Advent

Dear Parishioners, 

We hear from the prophet Isaiah we hear the Lord tell us “I am doing something new!”  Change scares some people.  They prefer things stay the same, but in reality, few thing in life remain unchanged.  Few remain unchallenged.  And many times, change and challenge lead to growth!  They don’t have to inspire fear and dread!  The

God of newness offers each of us a fresh beginning. We are invited to step into the freedom of Christ and to leave our past sins behind.  We are always invited to move on!   Sin is a reality. We are all part of that reality.  Hopefully, as our lives progress, we get better at avoiding the sins of the past, or repeating the same sins over again.  But it takes time.  It takes practice.  We need to use the abundant grace that surrounds all of us and work with God to make the change!  We need to allow God to bring out the “newness” in us!  No matter our age, there is always room for growth!  When we shut that down, or refuse it, or fail to enter in, we die.  In a very real sense, part of us dies.  But we are approaching quickly the season where life has taken over death!

We are all moving towards Easter, that which shows us so dramatically and convincingly that death is not the victor!  When we see it as the victor, as the absolute end, we have given in, and given up! Easter is all about the eternal hope, in which we all live.  Let’s allow God to do something new with us!  Let’s be open to what the God of newness has in mind for us!  Soon, we will experience together, the most holy days of our entire year.  Allow them to recreate you!    Fr. Elston