Palm Sunday

Dear Parishioners, 

             This is not a week for those who like things to be the same.  Things change this week, the liturgy, with which we are so familiar takes some strange turns. It is different, and sometimes ends with an “unfinished” sense. It twists and turns in ways we are not used to.  That is not always a a bad thing.  This is my favorite week of the year.  It is filled with deep emotions, silence, prayer, and celebration!  It gives shape and meaning to everything else we do.  It defines, in many ways who we are!  The challenge as always, is to let is take us on this journey of faith.  We should avoid simply “going through the motions” and ending up at Easter.  Instead, we should give ourselves to the beauty and depth of Holy Thursday; the silence and solemnity of Good Friday; the uncertainty of Holy Saturday.  Easter doesn’t just happen.  There is a road to get there. Jesus accepted that road.  We travel that path with Jesus  this week.  We arrive, that is for sure at Easter, but not without experiencing all of the other sights, sounds, smells, and tradition that comes with it!  Please do your best to attend as much of it as you can.  The whole point of Jesus’ life comes to its climax in the events of this Holy Week.  I wish you a prayerful and fruitful holy week.

Fr. Elston