2nd Sunday of Easter

Prayerful best wishes for a joyful Easter season!  The celebration of the Triduum and Easter were very beautiful and inspiring experiences both at St. Joseph Marello and St. John the Evangelist Churches.  I could be heard “joking” last week that I had forgotten how much fun it could be to be pastor of TWO parishes during Holy Week.  But that turned out to be TRUE!  It was fun!  It was spiritual, joyful, and a very graced and beautiful time.  It was such a joy to see so many people and to talk with them. It was so wonderful to meet many of your children, family members and visitors to our parishes during this special time!  It was very moving to be here and celebrate the beautiful liturgies of the week with all of you.  It provided a very happy and joyful celebration of Easter on Sunday with my family and friends.  All of the planning and hard work on the part of so many people bore great fruit as the days unfolded before us.  I totally enjoyed it from start to finish.  AND, I totally enjoyed a little peace and the opportunity to bask in Easter joy on Easter  Monday!    Thank you to so many, too many to name, who gave of themselves for many long hours of hard work and dedication to our parishes.  I am so grateful. The next few weeks will continue the experience so fresh in all of our minds of the Resurrection.  Please enter in and enjoy it!  God bless!


Fr. Elston