3rd Sunday of Easter

Dear Parishioners, 

We have all heard the phrase: Actions speak louder than words!  It is certainly true.  Words are important, in fact vital, but we can say anything! We can promise all kinds of things!  But can we deliver?  Not only can we do what we say, and fulfill what we promise, but in order to be true to who we are, we must!  Peter’s words, of loyalty, his promise of fidelity to Jesus came up short when action was required.  But now Peter is given the chance in this three-fold questioning of Jesus: Simon, son of John, do you love me?  Do you love me more than these?  The question could be do you love me more than anything else?  It’s a tough question, both for Peter and for us.  But if the answer, like Peter gives, is YES, Lord, you know that I love you, then is stands to reason that that love will be expressed in action, in service, as is requested by Jesus.  That is what makes what we say, truly who we are!  The Gospel is not just a nice story, with some dramatic twists and turns. It is our story…. and it inspires and compels us to live differently.  It asks us to live in the person of Jesus.  It asks us to be the person of Jesus to those with whom we live, work, and love.  The Easter event changes everything.  And if it doesn’t , our faith is empty and weak.  It is reduced to a pastime. And the sacrifice of Jesus along with our lifelong commitment to Him, calls us to so much more!  The name and life of Jesus has power,  That power scared the people in authority at the time of Jesus.  That power survived death. The disciples rejoiced that they were found worthy to suffer dishonor, and eventually death for the sake of the name of Jesus.  Actions speak louder than words. It is certainly true!


Fr. Elston