5th Sunday of Easter

Dear Parishioners, 

We may tire of hearing all of this talk about love.  It is difficult at times.  Yet, we are called to this life of love because God knows, and tells us in so many ways, that it is the only true path to happiness.  Some have said that “happiness” is overrated; that is not to say that it is not desirable, but that we put too much emphasis on “are you happy?  Happiness , some say, is  a choice.  We make the choice to be happy, not because everything in our lives is perfect, but because, even in the imperfection, we make a choice.  And that choice is energizing.  It gives us a platform from which to see and work on other aspects of our lives.  Let’s not kid ourselves, there is plenty of hatred, bigotry, and prejudice in our world.  It is a mindset that we just can’t seem to get around.  And yet, we, as followers of Christ, as intentional disciples, people who have made the conscious and daily choice to accept and live our role as the “body of Christ” must always strive to live in this love.  This is how others will know that Christianity makes a difference in how we live and how we think and how we speak.  It will make a difference in how we look at the world around us.  It doesn’t blind us to reality, and the difficulties of our world, it sharpens our vision, and helps us to see like Christ!.  We follow his example, and live in His love!   Fr. Elston