28th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Dear Parishioners,
Thank you.  Two simple but very powerful words. They can be used for in response to a simple thing, or to convey a deep appreciation for something more profound.  Sometimes the words seem inadequate, but they are always greatly appreciated.  Saying thank you recognizes that some one else has done something for us. It is born of gratitude. There are many ways we can convey our thanks to others these days.  It can be a note, a phone call, a text, or e-mail!  It may sound less personal, but it is the day we live in!  Our expressions of gratitude comes from a place in our hearts. Lack of attention to this part of life says something about who we are.  It may also say something about the way we may look at life.  Does life owe us something?  Do we receive only what we deserve or are we often the recipients of other people’s kindness and generosity?   Are we grateful even when life is not so great?  Gratitude goes beyond just living with all of the comfort and opportunities we may think we deserve. How do we thank God?  We can do so by the way we live, by remembering that all blessings come from God and by knowing that the weakness we sometimes feel, and the strength that gets us through all comes from God!  His healing and forgiveness, charity and love knows no bounds when accepted by the heart that is in need.  And for that we are grateful.  Express it often!  Fr. Elston