30th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Dear Parishioners, 

It is always good to see beyond ourselves.  By this I mean it is beneficial on many levels to be able to look beyond, and remember that God is part of every moment of our lives.  God is part of every moment of our existence from our conception to our leaving this earth.  In the scheme of things, as we all know that time is relatively short. And in some cases, as we also know, seemingly unfairly short. However, short or long, hopefully we learn the value of what God does for us, what others do, and make room in our lives for not only that recollection, but of a sense of thankfulness.  Simply acknowledging God’s goodness to us, is a path to a deeper sense of spirituality and holiness.  Most of us, for whom it is an issue, that is, desire to be “right with God”.  But certain attitudes can lie beneath the surface of that desire that may take us off the path.  We are not the author of our own salvation.  If we don’t recognize our own dependence on God, how will we ever be aware of His great love for us, even in our imperfect, sinful state?  The Pharisee begins his prayer the right way, by summoning God, but then begins a laundry list of his own virtues and charity.  The prayer of the tax collector is simply for mercy.   We are told that he went home justified.  Humility understands that we do not walk alone.  We depend on one another, and most of all, we depend on God.  The Christian life and the entire paschal mystery is a reversal of the norms, standards, and structures of the world.  We don’t need to look far in our world to see those who seek to exalt themselves.  We too are likely to be part of that group from time to time. Embracing humility will allow us room in our lives to embrace the loving work of God active and alive in each life.  When we see that, we too humbly ask for mercy and forgiveness. And we shall have it.   Fr. Elston