First Sunday of Lent

Dear Parishioners, 

Dear parishioners.   The first Sunday  of this beautiful, grace filled season of Lent allows us to begin the 40 day “retreat” we have entered into.  Each year, the church provides us with a chance to slow down, reflect, and work on our relationship  to God.  Time goes quickly.  Most years, this season gets  away from  us.  There are many opportunities  to grow and observe these special  days, but like all time, it tends to move fast and before we know it, it is Easter.

A few days  ago, we were reminded  by the ashes we received  that we are mere dust, and one day we will return to dust.  But from that dust, God created us.  He loved us into life.  We then, offer a part of our days to return thanks to God.  We do so by sacrificing  something. It might be time, talent, treasure.  It might be service, solitude,  prayer.  Any aspect of Lent, to which we offer our attention, can only grow and become even more helpful  in our role as disciples.  We are part of God and God so wants to have this closeness  with us.   Lent offers us a time to respond in various ways to the immense  love God happily extends to us.

Through whatever we do this Lent, may God help us to persevere and truly understand  the riches and depth of these sacred days.  As we journey these 40 days, may we find joy, peace, and fulfillment  so as to arrive at Easter truly challenged and changed in heart and mind.  Let’s  not allow this time to escape us. God bless our faith communities  as we move through these days of grace and blessing.