Second Sunday of Lent

Dear Parishioners, 

The Transfiguration has always been a scene that I have found fascinating and amazing!  Imagine being Peter, James, or John and witnessing the truly unbelievable scene that unfolded before them.  I like to do that every now and then; imagine myself in the scene!  Actually, it coincides with an ancient form of prayer. placing yourself in the scene, listening to Jesus and trying to sense what your personal reaction may have been.  In a moment like that, all our cares would melt away, we would be with Jesus!  It is truly a foreshadowing of our ultimate union with God.  The disciples were amazed and fearful!  Maybe we would be too, but knowing what we know through our lives of faith, I think fear would be overtaken by amazement, peace, and great joy. A glimpse of this joy can be heard of in the second reading this weekend. It is God’s own design in Jesus that we be called to a holy life. Jesus brings that grace to us.  It was intended to be ours long before we ourselves appeared on the scene. It is how God wants us to live.

But, as with Peter, James. and John, so with us, there would be good days and not so good.  Their experience with Jesus would change their lives but would not shield them from doubt and fear that shows us in our lives now and then.  We must keep our eyes focused on Jesus and his eternal presence and friendship in our lives.  That strengthens us each day and helps us get through the tough times.  Making that presence a part of who we are provides an even field of faith that stays with us, just like the disciples wanted to remain in place on that mountain, we can remain through our day to day lives in the comforting, peaceful presence of God, whose son leads us in love each day.  Fr. Elston