Online Giving

You are now able to give your offertory and debt collections online.  To do so please:

1.  Click on the “Give Online with WeShare” picture located on the home page.  This will direct you to the WeShare secure website.

2.  Once on the site you will be asked to create a secure account that only you will have control.

3.  After your login, password, and account information is created you may then select the opportunity you wish to support (i.e. offertory, debt, etc.)  More opportunities will be made available over the next few months.

4.  After selecting the opportunity you will set up your donation as a one time transaction or a recurring transaction.

5.  For a recurring transaction you will select the amount, frequency, and day of the week you wish the transfer to occur.  Then simply click on the “start recurring donations”.

Note:  You may change or stop your recurring donations at any time.  You are also given the option to print out a receipt which you may place in the collection basket.  Your transaction history will be recorded and posted in the Church database when your payment is made.

Thank you for your support.

WeShare F.A.Q.s

1) Is Online Giving secure on the Internet and how do I set it up?
Yes, we use a secure Internet connection to provide the service of one-time or automatic transactions with your credit card or checking account. These transactions are handled by Liturgical Publication Inc and NO credit card or checking account information is available to or kept at the parish office. To set up Online Giving, click “Sign Up” and follow the instructions at the Online Giving site. 

2) Will we still receive the envelopes once we sign up for Online Giving?
Yes, you will. Online Giving only covers transactions made for Sunday offertory, Parish Maintenance and 2020 Campaign. Other special collections, such as the collections approved by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops will be found in the monthly envelope packet mailed to your home. Please continue to use these envelopes to ensure a gift to these special collections is properly designated.

3) Besides the special collection envelopes, do we need to use the Sunday envelopes?
Some parishioners still put the empty envelope in the offertory basket on Sunday and they check the designated box on the envelope that says: “Online Giving.” This gives them the opportunity to participate in the Presentation of the Gifts offertory.

4) How do I cancel Online Giving if I move away from the parish?
To cancel Online Giving, simply log in to your account, click on the fund you donated to and delete your recurring donation.

5) If I wish to increase or need to decrease my Online Giving, how do I do that?
To make changes to Online Giving, simply log in to your account, click on the fund you donated to “General Collection, Maintenance & Repairs or Youth fund” and edit your recurring donation to change your amount.